Passionate about art, nature and Italy, I studied Roman philology at the University of Leuven and Florence. Italian poetry seduces my heart, be it in ancient music, anthologies or philosophical discussions with common Italians. The undulating Italian landscape slopes like a poem and whispered to me to share its chemistry and lyricism with others.

In 2018 I re-discovered the power of nature. Childhood memories revealed my partnership with the forest where I was raised. I followed an in-depth training at the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs and am very proud to be the first certified nature and forest therapy guide in Belgium. My aim is to encourage people to go back to nature. As modern urbanites, we live in a petrified universe and suffer from stress. By connecting with the natural world and ourselves we learn how to relax and to find balance in hectic daily life.

Always concerned about people and their work-life balance, I gained 20 years of HR experience in the consultancy and cultural field. My professional development can be characterized by a belief in pragmatism leading to intelligent practice. I am convinced that people are capable of more than they think. My main challenge in life is to stimulate people to explore and use their full potential. This often turned out to be extremely surprising and satisfying.

Since 2018 I have been wholeheartedly dedicated to stimulating immersive experiences. Be it in remote corners of Italy or under the canopy of Belgian city forests, I invite people to slow down, take a step back and recharge actively. You may be surprised by what nature teaches us and culture offers us. By focussing on socially responsible travel, personal growth and environmental sustainability, I intend to foster a greater appreciation of our natural habitats. An unusual mix of inner-focused and outer-based activities makes our journeys unique, alternating from unplugging & resetting to embracing art & history.

As a nature and forest therapy guide I am trained in Wilderness First Aid and always carry a basic first aid kit with me. As we spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors I consider it prudent to be well prepared. If you need special care or attention, please inform me upfront.

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I love art in all its forms, painting, music, literature, sculpture, theatre and dance. It seduces my heart and keeps me awake. I translate opera and theatre texts in Italian and French for surtitling of performing art works. My main partners are Capiche Surtitling, AMUZ and the Alamire Foundation. I am always interested to explore new horizons. Please do not hesitate to contact me for literary translations or the subtitling of audiovisual works and films. The Italian language became part of me during the long periods I spent in Italy. It forged everlasting amity and cooperation. Based on these friendships and new encounters, I look forward to further discover hidden Italy. By relying upon my partners and offering a patchwork of experiences that stimulate both body and mind, I intend to share with my travel companions the warmth and limitless hospitality of the Italians. Realizing this dream was only possible thanks to Carl, Maria, Renato, Daniela, Giuseppe, Petra, Hannelore, Lorenzo, Ester, Cathy, Luisella, Miriam, Beatrice, Ludwine, Rachel, Annalisa, Vincenzo, the colleagues from Starterslabo, my forest friends and so many others.