Research is showing that forest bathing has real, quantifiable health benefits, both mental and physical. It helps us reset our body and mind, but also sparks our imagination and deepens our relationships.

The air and aromas of the forest are therapeutic. Inhaling phytoncides -tree derived volatile substances- reduces the stress hormone levels and increases the number of white blood cells, known as natural killer cells. Forest bathing improves our immune system function.

Once you have experienced a guided forest therapy walk and the grounding and calmness that it incites, you can easily return to that serene state of mind by slowing down and absorbing the healing ambience of nature. Visit a park, forest or area with plenty of trees since they are an important part of the experience. Green spaces in urban areas are just as important as rural forests. Forest therapy is a stillness practice that can easily be incorporated in daily life.



  • boosts immune system 

  • lowers heart rate and blood pressure 

  • improves blood sugar level and digestion

  • increases energy level

  • improves sleep

  • improves recovery from illness


  • helps to relax

  • reduces cognitive fatigue, stress, anxiety, anger and depression

  • improves mood and self-confidence

  • enhances creativity and problem solving

  • increases mental clarity and the ability to focus

  • sharpens the attention and thus the intensity of the experience


  • sharing meaningful experiences

  • increases trust, cooperation and closeness with others

  • leads to more kind and altruistic behaviour

  • generates insights that might not emerge in other settings

  • enhances self-regulation and co-creation

  • favours supportive silence and restorative healing


  • leads to sensing that we are part of something larger

  • raises awareness about the importance of plants in our lives

  • enhances respect and engagement

  • mobilizes us to be stewards of the earth

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; rather we borrow it from our children.”