We organize small group tours in Italy, ranging from 8 to 15 people. During off-season, we wander away from the large tourist sites. In order to get fully familiar with the regional area and local customs, we stay one week in the same place.

As for the predefined groups tours we intend to serve an international audience, flights nor airport transfers are included in the price. Ask Foresterra for a quote if you prefer not to book yourself. Collective airport shuttle services can be arranged for a fee.

For customized group tours we will obviously take care of group flight bookings, package deals and airpot shuttles.

In spring 2019, the following predefined group tours are planned:

    11 till 18 May 2019

    18 till 25 May 2019

In autumn 2019, groups tours are planned in:

    October/November 2019
    - information coming soon -

If you are looking for additional travel or group tour ideas, please go to I N S P I R A T I O N.